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Introducing The Big Idea 2023: The Revival

July 29th in Wichita KS


Experiencing major FOMO because you often miss out on family events and feel like no one around you understands your struggle? 

We know the perfect solution for your problems! 

You need a sense of community and connection.

And we’re here to give you just that.


 Sick, tired? Needing hope & healing?


 Lonely, overwhelmed? Craving connection & community?


 Stuck, frustrated? Ready for a breakthrough? 


 Rebel, daydreamer, warrior ready for a day of fun, growth, & transformation?



The Big Idea is BACK!


PRIORITY ACCESS for tickets runs April 15-30th. This is the time for biggest discounts! And, this year, we have a different & more intimate venue so tickets are limited and will surely go fast! 


Do not delay! This is your invitation to make an investment in YOU that will pay off for years to come! 

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Welcome to THE LIGHTHOUSE! The place where your dreams come true. 


Take control of your health today with our experienced chiropractic team at THE LIGHTHOUSE. 


We believe in guiding you towards optimal health and well-being, and you're never alone on your healing journey with us. 


Our DreamTeam of chiropractors is dedicated to helping you reach your full potential, no matter your age or situation. 


Say goodbye to pain and discomfort and schedule your appointment today at 316-440-5554 or click the link below. 


Let's light up your life together at THE LIGHTHOUSE.


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A virtual summit for Chiropractic by Chiropractic! This is THE ADJUSTMENT Chiropractic needs to get dipped in THE BIG IDEA, to tap into THAT SPECIAL SOMETHING, to HEAL THE HEALER!

Details dropping SOON!


Hi, There! I'm Dr. Devin Vrana.

This space was created for YOU!

Join us for raw and real conversations where we can heal and grow into our most authentic, wild and FREE selves!

I am a mother, chiropractor, teacher, and guide. For over a decade, I have laid my hands on and held a healing space for thousands of aches, pains and broken hearts. 

I am a relentless seeker and student of what makes a person COME ALIVE - body, mind, and soul!

I am dreamer who EXPECTS MIRACLES!

I am a rebel warrior who is unafraid to SPEAK MY TRUTH or STAND MY GROUND

I am here to create a sacred, safe place for the wild-hearted seekers, dreamers, and rebel warriors who are ready to live life vibrantly alive!  

Now is our time to RISE and SHINE!

Are you local to Wichita?

Visit Dr. Devin & Dr. Hali at The LightHouse to get the full treatment. Click the schedule button below to set up an appointment at our chriopractic office.

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Community Testimonials

Leslie Hiles

"Although the world seems dark and scary, the light and love that has been created in this space helps us to not just survive but thrive in that darkness."

Mindi Getz

"I'm grateful for the opportunity to lean into all the wisdom. There has been so much good, vital, life altering information and the Masterminds have helped
me feel so connected."

Robyn Clark

"This is just what my soul needed! I believe in my heart this is just the beginning of a lifelong journey of learning from these amazingly beautiful people."

David Barbarisi

"I came away feeling more open-hearted and connected than ever before. I had amazing conversations with old and new friends. I felt inspired to use my voice, to grow and change, and to continue on my path. I felt supported and like I belong."

Jessica Lynch

"I am so grateful for The Big Idea and the community that it has created. It has been life changing to be surrounded by like-minded individuals who share the belief that the power that made the body heals the body."

Nora Kemmerer

"I now have the confidence to make the necessary changes to assert more control and positivity into my life. There's finally light at the end of the tunnel!"