Learn to heal your life, reclaim your vitality, and tap into your purpose, passion & power.

Join Drs. Devin & Joey Vrana and The Big Idea DreamTeam & Community, our Mastermind Coaches for an intimate 1-Day Experience full of action-packed teaching, activities, breakout sessions, hot seats, brainstorming, and breakthroughs. This is truly an event LIKE NO OTHER!


JULY 29, 2023


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At checkout, you'll see BUY TWO options for both General Admission & Chiropractic Passes. This event (and life in general) are just better when shared with someone! So, we're giving extra discount on BUY TWO options.


from April 15-30th ONLY, when you check out use coupon EARLYBIRD for added savings!!

Tired? Overwhelmed? Stuck?

Sick & Tired of Being Sick & Tired?

Ready for Healing, Change, & Growth but Don't Know Where to Start?

Life Good but You Long for GREAT?

This event is for YOU!


“I have laid my hands on & held healing space for thousands of aches, pains, and broken hearts. My mission is to help people light up & LIVE vibrantly alive. The Big Idea is for the wild-hearted seekers & rebel warriors who want the most out of life! This is where you come to feel better, heal better, rise above the past & step boldly into a new future!" (event hostess Dr. Devin Vrana)


After FIVE YEARS of hosting this amazing event and traveling around the world to train with the best of the best... our team has learned timeless, life-changing principles and game-changing tools. We pursue a relentless charge into understanding what gets sick people well, keeps well people from getting sick -- what helps people breakthrough in health, relationships, career -- what lights up the body, mind and soul.

This year we are curating an experience that you simply cannot find ANYWHERE else! Bring a friend or significant other. 


This is an opportunity to invest ONE DAY into YOU!

This is an opportunity to reflect, learn, play, connect, laugh, rejuvenate, and grow!


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Chiropractors, students, assistants, families, tell me, "What's THE BIG IDEA?" Can you tell me who you are, what you do, & why you are HERE in this NOW? Are you stepping FULLY into your calling? This is an invitation, a challenge and an opportunity to RISE UP! Will you be brave and bold enough to join in?


General Admission

April 15-May 1 is first PRIORITY ACCESS for past attendees, chiropractic community, and Big Idea friends/family. When you get to checkout, make sure to use code EARLYBIRD for extra discount!!

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Chiropractic Package

There will be a PRIVATE play-shop held at Dr. Devin's practice (The LightHouse) on FRIDAY, July 28th. To purchase package of Friday+Saturday events, use this link.

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Priority Access: April 15-30th

Our venue is smaller this year. We wanted to create a more intimate and diverse experience. Tickets will GO FAST! Once we hit capacity, ticket sales will be CLOSED!!!! Do not wait to reserve your place!

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For both "General Admission" and "Chiropractic Package", use code EARLYBIRD at checkout for EXTRA DISCOUNT thru April 30th

 Why Attend?

This event is for anyone but it isn't for everyone...

  • Maybe you are a mom who's living in day to day hustle, clutter & chaos putting everyone else first...
  • Maybe you have been battling a health, career, relationship crisis and you're losing hope...
  • Maybe you feel like you've tried "all the things" but still don't feel like you've found "that thing" you're searching for...
  • Maybe you are overwhelmed and burnt out from life's stress & struggles...
  • Maybe you are healthy and overall happy but there's a LONGING inside you to learn, play, and grow more alongside people just like you...

If any version of the above sounds like you... THIS IS YOUR SIGN!

If you BELIEVE miracles are possible and you are willing to invest in creating your dream life... THE BIG IDEA IS THE PLACE TO BE!



... if you want to stay the "same old, same old" course

... if your comfort zone and "fine" are working for you

... if it just sounds too hard to make the time and brave the unknown

The Big Idea 2023 IS NOT for you.  BECAUSE, it won't be possible to attend and stay the same version of you. It's IMPOSSIBLE to attend and NOT get 10x what you came for!

We cannot wait to see you there!

July 29, 2023

Brick & Mortar

Wichita, Kansas

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  1. Learn from inspirational leaders & doctors from around the country.
  2. Get a comprehensive playbook to use & take with you.
  3. Meet and network with like-minded, amazing people and new friends.
  4. Gather tactical, practical, actionable solutions and tools with a simple road map of where to start and how to keep growing.
  5. Experience adventure of trying new things like yin yoga, castor oil packs, breathwork, qi gong, ice baths, and so much more!



What time does the Experience start & end?

The main event (general admission tickets) will start on Saturday, July 29 at 8am CST & wrap up at 6pm -- with afterparty to follow.

There is a BONUS private workshop specifically for Chiropractors and Chiropractic Assistants on Friday, July 28 that will run from 9am to 6pm.

What airport do I fly into for the Experience?

  • ICT Dwight D Eisenhower Airport

What hotel should I stay at?


Upon registration, you will receive an email confirmation. On May 1st, you will receive access to our EVENT HUB and COMMUNITY PAGE. Those are spaces we will be posting updates, hotel info, local recommendations, and more. 


Who is this Experience for?

This is designed for our LightHouse & Vrana Chiropractic Communities...

This is designed for people looking for a reset, REVIVAL button in their health, happiness, life...

This is for the CHIROPRACTORS who want to serve their communities BIGGER...




This event is the ADJUSTMENT your body, mind, and soul have been needing!


What happens after I select my payment and checkout?

As soon as you secure your spot for the Leaders Mastermind Experience you will receive an email with the details you need.


Do you guarantee results or give refunds?

We will provide the space and resources but it will be your responsibility to go all in! You will get out of it what you put into it! While, we can not guarantee specific results, we can assure you that 100% of the past five year's feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and attendees have only ever said that the event surpassed their expectation.

Due to the nature of the The Big Idea experience, the limited number of tickets available and the proprietary/exclusive content that will be provided during the event, there are no refunds available. If you have an issue come up and you are unable to attend, tickets can be transferred/gifted but not refunded.

If you have any further questions, you can reachout to our team directly at [email protected]