1:1 Coaching Spots OPEN NOW!

Dr. Devin works with a small handful of 1:1 clients.


The vulnerability and honesty of your answers will help determine if we’re a good match. Please understand that the approval of your application depends on the coaching spots available at the moment and the synergy between us. If no coaching spots are available, you may be added to our waitlist. (Serious inquiries only).

Depending on vision, goals, and availability, we create unique plans that range from 6-week supercharge to 6-month intensives. This is designed and ideal for chiropractors, entrepreneurs & business owners, women seeking harmony in work/home/life "balance", anyone stuck or dealing with health/healing challenge they want to break through. 

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1:1 Intensives are a commitment (time, energy, & money). Do you have concerns/limitations about those investments? Are you ALL-IN & be ready to fully engage in this opportunity? 

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