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  • You get 33 intimate, thought-provoking, practice-changing, life-enhancing conversations with Chiropractic's most amazing leaders.
    • The talks will release on the hour starting Wednesday May 24th. 11 talks per day.
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The Adjust the AdjusTOR speaker lineup is MIND-BLOWING!!!

Speakers include...

  1. Dr. Seth Gerlach
  2. Dr. Stanton Hom
  3. Dr. Tamara McIntyre
  4. Dr. Courtney Gowin
  5. Dr. Stephen Judson
  6. Dr. Ben Tapper
  7. Dr. Sukhi Muker
  8. Dr. Katina Manning
  9. Dr. Zues Cornish
  10. Dr. Jack Bourla
  11. Dr. Lona Cook
  12. Dr. Denisa Weber
  13. Dr. Monique Andrews
  14. James Chester
  15. Dr. Tony Ebel
  16. Dr. Brad Campbell
  17. Dr. Christina Stitcher
  18. Dr. Danny Gambino
  19. Dr. Billy Demoss
  20. Dr. Jen Floreani
  21. Dr. Simon Floreani
  22. Dr. Jay Komarek
  23. Dr. Gilles Lamarche 
  24. Dr. Danny Knowles
  25. Dr. Jess Bohlke
  26. Dr. Tom Waller
  27. Dr. Lauren Koedyk
  28. Dr. Lauryn Brunclik
  29. Dr. Stew Bittman
  30. Dr. Tim Young
  31. Dr. Matt Dopps
  32. Dr. Joey Vrana
  33. Dr. Ryan Dopps
  34. Dr. Hali Banda
  35. Dr. Derek Mobley
  36. Student Voice - Laura Miller
  37. Hostess - Dr. Devin Vrana